Top 10 Wedding Flower Trends for 2023

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bride holding a bouquet with a king protea flower

Welcome, floral enthusiasts and future newlyweds! There’s nothing quite like the aroma and beauty of fresh flowers at a wedding. They add life, color, and a touch of nature to any ceremony. In 2023, the world is blossoming with new wedding flower trends, redefined classics, and innovative takes on arrangement styles. Ready to discover the top 10 trends that are sure to make your special day even more stunning?

This article will guide you through the latest wedding flower trends. From sustainable florals to monochrome bouquets, we’ll explore the floral statements making waves this year. Whether you’re planning your wedding or just love staying up-to-date with floral trends, you’re in for a treat.

Remember, it’s your big day! The key is to choose what feels right for you and your partner. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the enchanting world of wedding flowers! Stay with me as we uncover the top trends that are set to charm, impress, and inspire in 2023.


Wedding Flower Trend #1: Sustainable Florals

sustainable plants and flowers

Let’s start with a trend that’s all about giving back to Mother Earth. Yes, you’ve guessed it – sustainable florals are taking center stage this year. So, what does this mean? Essentially, it’s all about being environmentally conscious with your floral choices.

More and more couples are opting for local, seasonal blooms. Not only does this support local businesses, but it also cuts down on the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. An added bonus? You’re celebrating the beauty of your local flora!

Next, let’s talk about foam-free arrangements. Traditionally, florists use floral foam to keep arrangements in place. The problem is, this foam is not biodegradable. The solution? Florists are getting creative with alternatives like chicken wire or water tubes. This is proof that it’s possible to have beautiful floral arrangements and care for our planet too!

Lastly, consider the waste factor. Once the wedding is over, what happens to all those flowers? Some couples are choosing to donate their flowers to nursing homes or hospitals after the event. What a wonderful way to spread the love and joy!

As you can see, sustainable florals allow you to make a positive impact while still having a beautiful wedding. Now that’s a trend we can all get behind!


Wedding Flower Trend #2: Monochrome Bouquets

monochrome bouquet

On to the next trend, and it’s one that’s making quite the statement in 2023. Drumroll, please… We’re talking about monochrome bouquets. So, what’s all the fuss about? Let me tell you, monochrome bouquets are a breath of fresh air in the floral scene.

For starters, a monochrome bouquet is simply a bouquet that utilizes flowers of one color. Sounds simple, right? Yet the result is surprisingly striking. This trend lets a single color shine, creating a dramatic effect that’s hard to forget.

For example, imagine a bouquet made entirely of deep red roses or pure white lilies. The effect is simply mesmerizing. However, don’t let the name fool you. Monochrome doesn’t mean you can only use one type of flower. Feel free to mix and match flowers of the same color for added texture and depth.

As a florist, this trend is a dream! It opens up a world of possibilities, encouraging creativity and innovation. So, whether you’re a lover of bright pinks or soft blues, don’t be afraid to let one color take the spotlight in your wedding flowers. After all, monochrome is the new black! If you are having a wedding in South Carolina, be sure to check out Mount Pleasant Florists so we can take your wedding to the next level.

Wedding Flower Trend #3: Wild and Organic Arrangements

wild bouquet of flowers

Welcome to the wild side, my green-thumbed friends. The third trend on our list is wild and organic arrangements. These bouquets burst with an untamed beauty that’s delightfully captivating.

Wild and organic arrangements, as their name suggests, mimic the random, free-growing patterns found in nature. You know, like that stunning field of wildflowers you drive past on your way to work. What’s not to love?

They’re free, they’re wild, and best of all, they’re perfectly imperfect. Just like us! Wild and organic arrangements often include a variety of flowers, greenery, and even herbs. Yep, you heard it right, herbs! Who would have thought you could pair a sunflower with rosemary and still end up with a work of art?

For brides looking to add a touch of boho-chic to their special day, this trend is an absolute winner. It embodies a sense of freedom and connection with nature that’s truly special. Moreover, it allows your florist to flex their creative muscles, crafting unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

So, if you’re after something that’s a little outside the box (or outside the flower shop), consider going wild with your wedding flowers. After all, why be a garden-variety bride when you can be a wildflower?

In case you’re interested in exploring this trend, Mt Pleasant Florists has an extensive collection that perfectly captures the wild and organic vibe. They truly bring the outside in with their beautiful arrangements. Let’s go wild, shall we?


Wedding Flower Trend #4: Dried Flowers

dried flowers

Now, let’s steer our bridal flower ship towards a trend that might seem a bit unusual at first glance. Hang on to your corsages, folks; we’re exploring the world of dried flowers. Trust me, it’s way cooler than it sounds.

Dried flowers? For a wedding? I know, I know. It might seem like I’ve lost my petals, but hear me out. Dried flowers have a unique charm that’s been captivating brides across the globe this year. The best part? They last way longer than fresh ones!

We’re talking about roses, lavender, eucalyptus, and even pampas grass. Imagine these beauties, their hues subtly muted but their elegance forever preserved. There’s a certain romantic nostalgia to them that’s hard to resist. And that’s why they’re high up on our trends list.

Not to mention, dried flowers are the gifts that keep on giving. After the wedding, they can be used as lovely home decor, serving as a daily reminder of your special day. Plus, they’re environmentally friendly, reducing the waste associated with fresh cut flowers. Now that’s what I call a win-win!


Wedding Flower Trend #5: Flowers Beyond Centerpieces

When you think of wedding flowers, your mind probably floats to lush centerpieces or the delicate arrangement hanging off the arch. Well, this year, we’re stepping out of that vase. That’s right, folks – we’re putting flowers in places you’ve never imagined. Because, why should centerpieces have all the fun?

For starters, let’s talk about flower walls. Yes, a wall of flowers. It’s like walking straight into a fairy tale, right? They are perfect for photos and provide an enchanting backdrop for the ceremony. Plus, guests will be snapping selfies all night long.

Next on the list, hanging floral installations. Imagine – clusters of roses, daisies, and peonies suspended overhead, casting a soft, romantic glow on the entire venue. It’s like dining under a magical flower cloud. Remember to mix in greenery for a fuller, more natural look.

And don’t forget about floral accessories. We’re talking about flower crowns, floral bracelets, and even floral pocket squares. Your guests will be living their best flower child fantasies.

Lastly, there’s the creative use of flowers in table settings. Why not place a single rose on each plate or use flower petals as confetti? The options are endless when you think beyond the centerpiece.


Wedding Flower Trend #6: Statement Blooms

bride holding a bouquet with a king protea flower

Pop quiz time! What’s big, bold, and sure to turn heads at a 2023 wedding? You guessed it – it’s the rise of the statement blooms! And no, I’m not just talking about any large flower. I’m talking about blooms so big they might just steal the show (but not from the bride, of course!).

Take the King Protea, for example. This South African native is the perfect match for those craving a dramatic flair. With its large, pink petals and a crown-like center, it’s every bit regal as it is striking.

Then we have the classic Sunflower. This golden beauty brings a rustic charm and a splash of sunny joy. Not to mention, their size makes them impossible to miss. Who wouldn’t smile seeing a sunflower?

Looking for something more sophisticated? The Dinner Plate Dahlia is your answer. No, they’re not for eating – but with their intricate layers and a wide range of colors, they’re a feast for the eyes!

Lastly, consider the humble Hydrangea. It’s not a single flower per se but a stunning cluster of smaller blooms. But don’t be fooled – one stem can fill out a bouquet like no other. Plus, their variety in colors from snow white to deep blue gives you plenty of options.


Wedding Flower Trend #7: Floral Jewelry

floral wedding jewelry

Oh, floral jewelry! Now, isn’t that a phrase that sings! 2023 is seeing brides swapping traditional jewels for nature’s own sparklers. Floral jewelry? I know what you’re thinking, “Won’t they wilt?” Well, stick with me, my friend, and all will be revealed!

First off, let’s talk flower crowns. They’re not new, but they’ve matured over the years. No longer are they the dainty daisy chains of yore. Now, we’re seeing robust roses, delicate baby’s breath, and even sprigs of lavender woven into enchanting headpieces. It’s a whimsical yet sophisticated way to keep your bridal style fresh and unique.

But why stop at your noggin? Flower earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are all the rage! And they’re easier to manage than you might think. Small blooms like forget-me-nots, baby’s breath, and wax flowers are the top picks here. They’re petite, sturdy, and come in an array of colors to match any wedding palette. Moreover, florists use special techniques to keep them looking perky all day.

Finally, let’s discuss the pièce de résistance – floral rings! Whether nestled next to a diamond or standing alone, a single, perfect bloom makes a bold, romantic statement. Picture this: an exquisite orchid miniaturized for your ring, its vibrant colors a reminder of your blooming love. How’s that for symbolism?


Wedding Flower Trend #8: Colorful and Bold Arrangements

Bright vivid colors of flower arrangement

Colorful and bold arrangements? Now you’re speaking my language! And apparently, I’m not the only one. Many 2023 brides are breaking free from tradition, choosing vibrant, eye-catching bouquets and decorations. And boy, do they look stunning!

Think rich, bold hues. Vibrant reds. Deep purples. Electric blues. Maybe even a dash of shocking pink! Let’s toss that old saying out the window, shall we? “Something borrowed, something blue.” How about “something borrowed, something… fuchsia!” Alright, it doesn’t rhyme, but it sure does make a splash!

A bold bouquet can be a bride’s ultimate accessory. Let’s say you’re donning a classic white gown. Then, imagine walking down the aisle clutching a bouquet of deep red roses, vibrant orange lilies, and brilliant blue delphiniums. It’s a pop of color that promises to wow your guests.

But it’s not just about bouquets. These bold colors can also be incorporated into your venue decor. Picture a sea of crisp white tablecloths, each accented with a lush centerpiece of tropical, colorful blooms. It’s a feast for the eyes!

So, dare to be bold. Dare to be vibrant. But most importantly, dare to be you. If you’re a bride who loves color, embrace it. Make your wedding as vibrant and beautiful as the love you’re celebrating. After all, flowers are more than just decoration; they’re a form of self-expression!


Wedding Flower Trend #9: Heirloom Varieties

Old is gold, and nothing proves this better than heirloom flowers! Yes, my friends, those rare and classic varieties that your grandma loved are now trending for weddings in 2023.

“Wait a minute,” I hear you say. “Heirloom flowers? You mean like the roses my grandma had in her garden?” Precisely! Heirloom flowers are the classics, the ones that have been around for generations. They are non-hybrid varieties, full of natural beauty, and ooze charm and nostalgia.

Let’s take the ‘Café au Lait’ Dahlia, for instance. This stunning flower, with its large blush pink petals, screams vintage chic. Imagine carrying a bouquet of these down the aisle. Your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of it!

Or how about the heirloom ‘Mister Lincoln’ rose? Its deep red color and intense fragrance make it a romantic choice for any wedding. Pair these roses with some lace for a bouquet that’s dripping with old-world charm.

But the best part about heirloom flowers? Each one tells a story. Maybe it’s a flower that grew in your childhood garden, or a variety that your parents had at their wedding. By including these flowers in your arrangements, you’re adding a personal, sentimental touch to your big day.

So, why not give your wedding florals a timeless touch with heirloom varieties? It’s a trend that combines the old with the new in the most beautiful way possible. Plus, they are sure to give your Instagram photos that sought-after vintage filter look – no app required!


Wedding Flower Trend #10: Classic Roses with a Twist

Colorful Roses with a twist

Who said the old can’t learn new tricks? This holds true for our final 2023 trend – classic roses with a twist! Now, before you roll your eyes and mutter “Roses? Really?”, hear me out. We’re not talking about any ordinary roses here. We’re talking about traditional favorites, jazzed up in ways you’ve never seen before.

First up, let’s talk color. Roses are ditching their traditional reds and pinks and turning up the heat with fiery oranges, vibrant yellows, and deep purples. Imagine an arrangement of ‘Tropicana’ roses, their sunset hues ablaze, or the dramatic flair of ‘Intrigue’ roses with their stunning lavender petals. Bold? Absolutely! Expected? Not in the slightest!

Now, onto the arrangements. The 2023 trend is all about modern, asymmetrical designs that challenge the traditional circular bouquet. Think trailing greenery, sprigs of wildflowers, and of course, those unconventional roses. The result? A bouquet that’s visually arresting and uniquely you.

Let’s not forget rose pairings. In 2023, roses are making friends with unconventional partners. Pair a handful of ‘Garden Party’ roses with succulents for an unexpected desert-chic bouquet. Or mix ‘Black Magic’ roses with exotic orchids for a dramatic, show-stopping arrangement. The combinations are endless, and each one is more exciting than the last!

So, in conclusion, roses in 2023 are anything but boring. They’re pushing boundaries, defying expectations, and breathing new life into wedding florals. Whether you’re a traditional bride or a modern maverick, there’s a rose trend out there for you. So go on, give the queen of flowers the royal treatment she deserves at your wedding!



And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our floral journey. The world of wedding flower trends is ever-evolving, always surprising us with fresh, exciting ideas. From sustainable florals to bold, colorful arrangements, and yes, even our darling roses, 2023 promises a bouquet of creative possibilities.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the ride. We’ve seen how sustainability is shaping the future of weddings with eco-friendly flower choices. We’ve embraced the singular beauty of monochrome bouquets, discovered the raw charm of wild and organic arrangements, and fallen in love with the rustic allure of dried flowers.

Moreover, we’ve thought outside the vase with innovative uses of flowers beyond the typical centerpieces, admired the show-stopping appeal of statement blooms, and awed at the exquisite blend of fashion and florals in floral jewelry.

As we push the boundaries of convention, we’ve welcomed bold and vivid hues into our floral palette. We’ve sought out heirloom flower varieties to add a touch of nostalgia to our special day. And yes, we’ve brought a new twist to the timeless classic, the rose.

In conclusion, 2023 is set to be a year of breathtaking floral innovation. As you plan your big day, remember that your wedding flowers are a fantastic opportunity to express your unique style. So be bold, be creative, and most importantly, have fun with it. Because when it comes to wedding flowers, the sky truly is the limit!

So, to all the 2023 brides and grooms out there, here’s to a year filled with love, laughter, and of course, stunning wedding flowers. Cheers!




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